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rogue (rōg)
- noun
a playfully mischievous person

green (green)
environmentally sound or beneficial

Rogue Green is about bringing the fun back to GREEN. The grassroots, the inspiration, the loss of ego and collective spirit of seeing the BIGGER picture.

Monthly social/networking events for eco-minded ROGUES held the 1st Thursday of every month, along with side projects and events when the rogue mood strikes! Events will always take place in the Downtown/Midtown Metro Phoenix area.

Hosted by the always fun and mostly mischievous Ms. Stacey Champion.


Rogue Green - The "Yuri's Urban There-apy Breakfast" Event Numero Cinco

So in lieu of doing our normal 3rd Tuesday evening event, what's more fun than breaking the rules and acting a little rogue?! (Note: Real rogue, not scary politician rogue...)

For our December get-together we will be supporting my friend Yuri's new fabulous idea (which I will be braving the cold for, big baby that I am) so someone please plan on keeping me warm!

Here's the scoop from Yuri:

As part of the 'Incurable Urbanists' continuing quest to 'activate' downtown Phoenix, I want to invite you to my next THERE-apy event: The Urban Breakfast.

When: Saturday, December 12, 9am
Where: Phoenix Civic Space Park
Why: To celebrate public spaces and gatherings in downtown Phoenix. To activate urban spaces at otherwise quiet times.

What: See below for details. Basically, come and join us for breakfast, bring FRIENDS, coffee, pastries, fruit, cereal, etc to enjoy and share with others in an urban environment. As the Civic Space already has tables and chairs, we won't need them for the first event, but feel free to bring table clothes, centerpieces, etc to make the event more fun!

I got the idea from a movement in Europe, that has been translated as "Permanent Breakfast" http://www.permanentbreakfast.org. The original concept is that one person invites someone to breakfast. The invited persons (usually 4) commit themselves to invite to a public breakfast on the next possible date. And so on… Following the snowball principle, there would be 1.6 million people publicly breakfasting by the tenth day

i would like to adapt the idea here so that this becomes, at a minimum, a monthly event (at least during the cooler months) held at a different location each time. There are a lot of underutilized park spaces, as well as empty lots, parking lots, and other publicly accessible spaces around downtown that we can explore together, and meet each others friends along the way.

Please feel free to invite others. that's part of the idea!
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