Welcome to Rogue Green!

rogue (rōg)
- noun
a playfully mischievous person

green (green)
environmentally sound or beneficial

Rogue Green is about bringing the fun back to GREEN. The grassroots, the inspiration, the loss of ego and collective spirit of seeing the BIGGER picture.

Monthly social/networking events for eco-minded ROGUES held the 1st Thursday of every month, along with side projects and events when the rogue mood strikes! Events will always take place in the Downtown/Midtown Metro Phoenix area.

Hosted by the always fun and mostly mischievous Ms. Stacey Champion.


Rogue Green - Event Numero Dieciséis - Grassroots Groovy

Thursday, March 3 · 6:00pm - 8:00pm

The Living Room Wine Cafe & Lounge
2333 North 7th Street (7th St. & Sheridan)
Phoenix, AZ

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More Info
We'll be keeping it mellow in March for a low-key networking
event at neighborhood chill spot, The Living Room.

We will also be giving a Birthday toast to the Valley Forward
Assoc. ROCKSTAR, Miss Jhenifer Krutz!

If you're interested in helping to make Phoenix a more
sustainable, beautiful place, we welcome you.

The event is free to attend.

Also, save the dates for our upcoming Rogue Green events -
April 7, 2011 & May 5, 2011, as I have some great things
in the works!

Hope to see you this Thursday.

Love + laughter,

Msss. Champion

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