Welcome to Rogue Green!

rogue (rōg)
- noun
a playfully mischievous person

green (green)
environmentally sound or beneficial

Rogue Green is about bringing the fun back to GREEN. The grassroots, the inspiration, the loss of ego and collective spirit of seeing the BIGGER picture.

Monthly social/networking events for eco-minded ROGUES held the 1st Thursday of every month, along with side projects and events when the rogue mood strikes! Events will always take place in the Downtown/Midtown Metro Phoenix area.

Hosted by the always fun and mostly mischievous Ms. Stacey Champion.


Rogue Green - Event Numero Dieciocho - Cinco de Mayo Poolside

Please join us by the beautiful pool and water wall at the Clarendon Hotel to celebrate Cinco de Mayo - Rogue Green style. 
Go HERE for event details and to RSVP.
Practice your 30 second elevator pitch for this social/networking event with some of the city's finest creative visionaries and environmental leaders.

We will together celebrate the diverse cultures that embody our State, inspire creative and progressive forward-thinking movement, create relationships to bridge the gap between the sustainability and art worlds which are synergistic to fabulous cities, and have some fun too!

The event is free to attend (just buy your own delicious Gallo Blanco treats) and feel free to invite anyone interested in making Phoenix a greener place. And by "green" I mean sustainable, progressive and urban-friendly.

If you are interested in being a future sponsor for an upcoming Rogue Green event or have any items you wish to donate for a raffle prize to highlight your business, please send me an email.

Hope to see you there!

Love and laughter,

Msss. Champion

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